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Western Media Group (WMG) is Western Canada’s  largest independent media marketing firm. We provide media solutions to advertisers, media buying services and ad agencies. We offer media solutions for advertising campaigns throughout British Columbia, across Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe.

On behalf of our buyers, we execute media buying and planning for:

‣ television
‣ digital (online)
‣ out-of-home
‣ radio and digital audio

We solve complex advertiser challenges: engaging specific audiences, integrating product into program elements or executing media buys with an array of parameters. WMG uses a programmatic trading platform that improves the efficiency and targeting of marketing efforts.

The secret behind our success is that we have relationships with a diverse group of media partners that are similarly focused on client solutions. Together we find the best possible solution to achieve an advertiser’s goal. In all cases we deliver the most that we possibly can, stretching every dollar to gain the best result. We are proud of what we do and very experienced at executing media campaigns across the full range of solutions.

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We Now Offer Programmatic Out-of-Home Across Canada

We’ve expanded our growing portfolio of programmatic capabilities to include large format out-of-home across Canada.
We are the first media marketing firm in Canada to offer programmatic access to an entire suite of online display, digital audio and a coast-to-coast network of large digital displays. Read more…

yes programmatic out-of-home across canada by western media group

Western Media Group hosted a listening party for The Infinite Dial 2018 Canada.

Download the Infinite Dial 2018 Canada slides and see some tweets from the event.


Programmatic audio is a great opportunity for agencies and brands.


Check out our webcast hosted by our head of digital strategy, Marc Brasset and our partners from Triton Digital and SoundCloud (30 min).

Digital Audio

We are Triton Digital’s exclusive supplier of programmatic audio in Canada.

Welcome to Western Media Group

Thanks for stopping by. If you’re a creative agency, a media buyer or brand interested in finding a high quality audience for a campaign, you’ve come to the right place. We are the only media marketing supply firm that offers cross-platform media solutions across independent media suppliers. We  use our relationships and connections within the media industry to make advertising and marketing budgets go farther, and across all screens. I’ll explain.

Every year we are responsible for investing millions of dollars of our clients’ advertising budgets across four media verticals: digital (online), television, digital out-of-home, and radio. We are exclusive partners with Triton Digital to supply programmatic audio to Canadian agencies and brands.


The media buying industry has moved toward programmatic advertising. This means that instead of a department of people manually booking ad placements over the phone, computers with ad-buying algorithms automatically connect and negotiate ad placements with suitable publishers.


We are proud to say we were the first in Western Canada to enter into partnerships with the industry’s leading technology providers. Our reach extends into the United States, Asia and Europe.


The Rate of Change Continues to Increase


Every business is familiar with itemizing and valuing items found on its balance sheet. But if you’re an advertiser or a brand actively seeking customers or a suitable audience, did you know your own customer data is a source of revenue? Every day we see how data continues to transform advertising and how data is key to finding and identifying audiences that are on the go.


We have consistently made every effort to add value to the media process. Eight years ago we started with radio. Then we added television, out-of-home (OOH) and then digital advertising.


Two years ago we launched our own trading desk, Spark Audience Platform powered by Acuity. Now we deliver your messages on:


1. Radio and digital audio; and


2. Television across Canada and the United States on national specialty cable and conventional; and


3. Large format dynamic digital highway boards across North America, plus digital screens in over 100 shopping centres and elevators across Canada; and


4. Through our Spark Acuity media trading desk, we have virtually unlimited digital reach with our real-time-bidding (RTB) media division.


Radio by Western Media Group


Our mission is to help advertisers connect with customers.


Media buyers have historically used data to achieve this end. PMB COMB, and Numeris have all helped advertisers make media decisions for years. Today I can tell you that data management platforms (DMPs) have unprecedented abilities to analyze and target desired audiences – by demographic,  behaviour and device.


We are proud to be a leading supplier of programmatic trading and data-driven marketing to agencies, media buyers and brands. We know these services are of great value and are becoming more important as the industry continues to embrace the possibilities these technologies provide.



More than ever, advertisers are required to manage their marketing initiatives across multiple devices and media. Now, brands can serve customized ads to specific user groups and audiences based on real time, live analysis in an ever evolving data world. The data impacts how, where and why the media should be executed.


Our partners in this venture consist of Canada’s leading audience technology firm, Acuity Ads, and North America’s leader in data analytics and management, Adobe. Together, we assist our agency clients and direct advertisers with sorting, organizing and analyzing massive amounts of customer data for marketing and revenue purposes.


We hope you will join us as a customer. We’ll take great care of you. We will work hard to ensure that the value and results of every campaign you are managing are maximized. Please call at any time. We are delighted to provide custom proposals to deliver the industry’s most innovative solutions.

Programmatic Audio Campaign

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