Programmatic audio offers the best features for advertisers

Music plays an important role in the lives of all consumers. That’s why Western Media Group is now offering programmatic audio solutions to agencies and direct advertisers for campaigns running in North America and Europe.

We integrate existing Canadian trading desks with inventory from Triton Digital’s a2x exchange and also operate trading desks on behalf of agencies and marketers that do not have their own trading operations.

In one way or another, we can get you connected to the fastest growing advertising opportunity in Canada.

Programmatic buying enables agencies to connect with audiences at scale. With granular control over targets, the opportunity is now possible to engage listeners of podcasts, sportcasts and other forms of audio such as playlists on a one-to-one basis. It is even possible to run companion banner ads that are featured without audio while the listener is engaged with music so that visual support is present during the target’s period of peak enjoyment – a great feature for brand likeability.


Programmatic Audio Webcast

With addressable creative, advertisers can deliver ads directly to desired consumers. Unlike traditional radio, programmatic audio achieves attribution through a variety of data signals.

Device IDs, geo-fencing and data partnerships enable advertisers to understand where a consumer went after hearing an ad. The ability to gauge the effectiveness of targeted creative is extended by the fact that the ad is always served to a captive audience.

Our exclusive agreement with Triton Digital provides agencies and advertisers with direct access to millions of Canadian listeners. Call Marc or Omar at 604-736-6628 today.

Programmatic audio in Canada has never been easier.  Get in touch now to take advantage of the many benefits of digital.

Our Programmatic Audio Information Guide includes data and presentations from SoundCloud and Triton Digital.

Triton Digital

 Western Media Group is Triton Digital’s exclusive partner in Canada. Get connected today with the a2x exchange for programmatic audio campaigns.