June 18, 2020 (Western Canada) — Effective immediately, Western Media Group (“Western Media”) will commence representation of ALLVISION Out-of-Home inventory throughout Western Canada.

ALLVISION is Canada’s premium pure-play large format digital out-of-home media company with placement in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. 

Formerly known to Canadian media buyers as “AllVision Digital Billboards,” the new agreement spans the Canadian market. Anchored by coverage throughout the GTA on Highways 401, 407, 427, and 403, the network will deliver close to 22,500,000 daily impressions.

“We are very appreciative of All Vision Out-of-Home’s confidence in us as we begin Western representation of their Spectacular Digital Out of Home Boards.”

David St Laurent, CEO, Western Media Group

Western Media Group will provide marketing representation to ALLVISION’s outstanding portfolio of large format, high resolution digital faces in key Canadian markets.

ALLVISION out-of-home is represented by WMG Western Media Group in Western Canada.

Through Western Media’s programmatic trading desk, ALLVISION Out-Of-Home (“OOH”) inventory will be available to Western Canada media buyers seeking access to impressions in Greater Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and other Canadian metropolitan markets through programmatic access, managed service or direct I.O.

The benefit to advertisers is direct insertion access to ALLVISION’s daily impressions, as well as the option to access other media channels through Western Media’s programmatic platform. For the first time, agencies and advertisers will be able to purchase large format out-of-home spectaculars and include any combination of:

  • Online media (search, social)
  • Audio (streaming)
  • Podcast programming, and now
  • Large format OOH with AllVision’s Spectacular Digital locations.

“Our multi-platform access to audiences continues to be one of our key strengths, supported further now as we expand audience access to large format Out of Home as part of our suite of media vehicles. Advertisers can now access the ALLVISION Out of Home audience on a direct impression purchase across their plant, or as part of a larger programmatic out of home, digital solution.”

Allvision billboards (formally known as All Vision Out-of-Home) is now represented by Western Media Group.

ALLVISION is a well-established Canadian Out-of-Home development company now expanding its operational role in high impact locations with premium audiences in key Canadian markets.

Brandon Newman, President of ALLVISION Media says “I am pleased to be working with the talented team at Western Media Group, as we’re once again in a unique and opportunistic position to lead the industry and positively disrupt the digital out-of-home space in Canada.  We’ve laid the necessary groundwork and tracks for the next two years which will see an increase in the usage of technologies coupled with aggressive development plans.”