Exclusive Agreement With ZOOM Media Group Encompasses Fitness Centres Across Canada

VANCOUVER, BC – October 2, 2018 – Western Media Group (WMG), a leading Canadian supplier of independent cross-media solutions, has entered into an exclusive agreement with ZOOM Media, the leading provider of media in fitness centres across Canada and The United States.

Western Media Group will represent all of ZOOM’s inventory to Western Canada advertisers and their agencies.

Zoom Media delivers “Generation Active” through Fit TV and a presence in over 750 fitness clubs in key markets across Canada. Consisting of digital TV and static frames reaching an engaged fitness audience, advertisers can utilize three types of creative: traditional Television or digital video creative; static imagery with total audio immersion; or static imagery with music overlay.

The FIT TV audience is a highly attractive demographic segment. 76% are 18-49 year olds indexing at 125 for College and University Education, along with an average household income of $115,000.

This audience enjoys active pursuits, and are more likely to purchase big ticket travel, auto, entertainment and fashion, including the latest in electronics.

“We were looking for a trusted, independent media solutions provider to service our Western Canadian markets. WMG will provide excellent coverage for our advertisers across Western Canada through their thorough understanding of our customers and an unrivaled ability to respond to their needs in a timely and creative way” –Chris Corvetti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ZOOM Media.

“ZOOM Media checks off all the right boxes for our advertisers: 100% brand safe, 100% viewable, 100% share of voice and 100% verifiable audience measurement,” said David St Laurent, CEO of Western Media Group. “ZOOM Media extends our reach in the place-based media segment and is a perfect compliment to our Neo Traffic Shopping Centre Network and parkade advertiser Abcon Media.”

About Western Media Group

Western Media Group is a leading Canadian provider of truly independent cross-media solutions. Spanning television, digital, programmatic, radio and out-of-home media, Western Media Group provides agencies and advertisers with access to a broad inventory of on-demand media properties. Please visit us at www.westernmediagroup.ca or on Twitter at @westernmedia.

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David St Laurent
Western Media Group

Chris Corvetti
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Zoom Media