About Us

A Leading Independent Media Marketing Firm in Canada

Active across six media verticals, we are always expanding into new areas to meet the needs of agencies and media buyers.

We are the connection — the agent — the link between our media partners and media buyers.

Large enough to deliver international media across multiple platforms; nimble enough to understand small and medium market challenges; and talented enough to see unique solutions and opportunities where others only see problems.

We are constantly pursuing new media opportunities across the range of digital and traditional media: programmatic trading, digital audio, podcast advertising, television, radio and out-of-home.

Most importantly, we believe in a collaborative approach to media challenges. Not hampered by the bureaucracy of the massive national media operators, we find right-sized solutions to media, advertising and marketing challenges.

Western Media Group is a privately-held media marketing firm based in Vancouver, Canada. We provide media solutions to the advertising community.

As a media buyer, you will feel confident in the abilities of our people. Each member of our team is a specialist in one particular media channel. We are on top of the most current market trends and provide innovative solutions for any media challenge.

Our specialized approach covers the range of media platforms and mechanisms, including digital and terrestrial radio; traditional, digital and social media; digital out-of-home and place-based media; and a range of technology solutions for programmatic advertising, including programmatic audio.

Tell us your media objectives and we’ll take a 360-degree approach in providing you with a proposal. We leverage our relationships with our media partners to provide solutions you may not have yet considered.


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