Western Media Group offers Canada’s widest selection of podcast advertising solutions.

Whether you’re a media buying agency, direct brand or brand partner, we’ve got your podcast advertising needs covered.

Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising has evolved into one of the most popular and most effective digital media buys in recent years. According to IAB’s 2020 Podcast Ad Revenue Study, podcast ad revenue grew 19% (to $842m), which exceeded the predicted growth of 14.7% from the 2019 Study.

IAB forecasts U.S. podcast advertising revenue will exceed $1 billion in 2021 and $2 billion by 2023.

This revenue growth is no accident. The latest study of the Canadian market by Edison Research (May 2021) shows that 38% of Canadians have listened to a podcast in the last month, on par with listening levels in the U.S.

Reach the Right Audience With a Western Media Group Podcast Campaign

One of the many strengths of podcast advertising is the ability to truly connect with your audience on a one-to-one basis.

Few other media are as immersive, personal and emotional as podcasts. Because ads are delivered inside of your audience’s favourite podcast, listeners develop a close connection with brands they have chosen to spend time with.

Podcast advertising offers a unique quality where it combines aspects of traditional advertising, sponsored content and influencer marketing. This largely due to the ads being native, and integrated seamlessly into the show. Having a trusted and well-known host read your ad, will makes the ad feel more personal and engaging.

Western Media Group Provides the Full Range of Audience Targeting

Connect with potential customers by selecting:

  • Age and gender
  • Language (14 available in Canada)
  • Family status (moms/dads/new parents/parents with children)
  • Interests and behaviours (four major categories)

Reach your target audience on any device, 24 hours per day or whenever they are listening. Many of our audio formats include a clickable digital display ad unit, giving you the ability to drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Personalized Messaging

With our dynamic audio ad products, you can personalize your messaging and deliver it to a specific target based on:


  • Location
  • Weather
  • Time of day
  • Mood

Our Podcast Advertising Formats

We offer a wide range of podcast ad formats, including:


    Pre-Recorded Ad

    • The ad is recorded and inserted into the podcast.

    Dynamic Ad Insertion

    • Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) ads can be inserted at the time of download or stream, allowing for one-to-one delivery with geo-targeting. DAI ads are also inserted into older episodes being listened to today.

    Baked-In Ad

    • This is when the ad is part of podcast content and stays imbedded in the podcast episode for perpetuity. The ad is usually read by the host or network announcer.

    Network Read Ad

    • An announcer from the network will read the ad that is used across the show(s). The announcer is usually a well known voice from the network or host from a show owned by the network.

    Host Read Ad

    • When the host(s) from podcast reads the ad. This can either be a DAI or baked-in ad.

Podcast Media Buying Options

With podcast advertising, we can reach the advertiser’s target audience, using geolocation, demographics and genre segmentation.

Pick shows based on:


  • Listener Demographics
  • Show Genre
  • Show Specific
  • Interview formats
  • A Collection of Similar Shows (either by genre or listener demographics)
  • By Network
  • Programmatically

“Podcast advertising has exploded. This growth is driven by exceptional ad characteristics, including the one-to-one delivery of commercial messaging and the personal connection offered by the medium.”

– David St Laurent, CEO, Western Media Group


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