Connected Television

Western Media Group has direct access to the largest inventory of Connected TV in Canada

Over 40 million connected television advertising opportunities every month.

Connected TV Features

Connected TV gives you the opportunity to serve relevant and impactful ads to your audience while still giving them a traditional TV experience.

Connected television streams broadcast-quality content over traditional TV screens in your living room, bedroom, home or office. Advertisers have their choice of formats: long-form, short-form, episodic…you name it, we have it.

All content adheres to the highest standards in brand safety and quality to control and protect your brand. Custom channel targeting is available to reach your target within the right environment.

With over 40 million connected television advertising opportunities every month in Canada, we can help your brand find the right channel to reach your target audience.

Compatible With the Most Popular Devices

Smart TVs were introduced into the market as far back as 2008. Earning the name “smart” because they are connected to the internet, the number of smart TVs has exploded in recent years. Recent data from Statista suggests that almost 60% of televisions will have some form of internet connection by 2022.

Over-the-Top Streaming Devices

There is a growth in demand for Over-the-top (OTT) streaming video on demand such as Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+. With this increase in demand, plenty of HDMI OTT devices are available in today’s market, so anyone can access over-the-top content with a modern standard TV set (Non-Smart TV). Products like Amazon Fire, Roku TV, and Chromecast help your ads reach anyone with access to the internet.


Whether your target audience is watching on a smart TV, gaming console or HDMI over-the-top device, we can deliver the impressions your campaign requires.

It’s Getting Harder To Reach Canadians Using Only Traditional TV.

Expand your campaign’s reach dramatically and tap into the growing audience of cord-cutters and digital streamers. You are able to target highly specific audiences with Connected TV compared to the broad reach of traditional TV.

Non-Skippable Ads

Unlike traditional digital, one of the best features of connected television is that the ads can be difficult or impossible to skip. This means that the completion and viewability rates are high, translating into better ad recall and, ultimately, better performance for your campaign.

Be There at the Right Time

We’ll not only find your most desirable audience, but we’ll also be able to reach them at the exact time they are watching so we can serve them your ad during their favourite programming.


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