Providing Canadians high quality digital audio solutions for multiple platforms.
Use the power of audio advertising technology to create effective personal connections with your Canadian audiences.

How Does Programmatic Audio Advertising Work?

Audio advertising is probably one of the most overlooked yet valuable forms of advertising. Western Media Group harnesses top-of-the-line audio advertising technology using machine learning and AI to create a high-quality, customized listening experience for audiences on a global scale. WMG automates the selling and insertion of ads in audio content such as podcasts, audio articles, digital radio, and streaming music services.

The WMG Difference

Western Media Group provides agencies and advertisers with direct access to millions of Canadian listeners

Exclusive Western Canada representative of Dax (Digital Ad Exchange)

We integrate existing Canadian trading desks with inventory from Dax and Triton. We also operate programmatic trading desks on behalf of agencies and marketers. Our high-tech systems and partnerships mean that we can reach and target your audiences across platforms and devices. Device IDs, geo-fencing and data partnerships enable advertisers to understand where a consumer went after hearing an ad. In one way or another, we can get you connected to the fastest-growing advertising opportunities in Canada.

Our programmatic trading operations extend beyond Canada into the US, Europe, and Australia.

Streaming Audio Offers the Best Features for Advertisers

Programmatic buying enables agencies to connect with audiences at scale. With granular control over targets, the opportunity is now possible to engage listeners of podcasts, sportscasts and other forms of audio such as playlists on a one-to-one basis. It is even possible to run companion banner ads that are featured without audio while the listener is engaged with music so that visual support is present during the target’s period of peak enjoyment – a great feature for brand likeability.

Western Media Group provides the full range of Digital Audio audience targeting. Connect with potential customers by selecting:


  • Age & Gender
  • Geography targeting
  • Language (14 available in Canada)
  • Interests & Behavioral targeting (data targeting)
  • Device type
  • Music Genre

Streaming Audio’s One-to-One Attribution

With addressable creative, advertisers can deliver ads directly to desired consumers. Unlike traditional radio, programmatic audio achieves attribution through a variety of data signals. Device IDs, geo-fencing and data partnerships enable advertisers to understand where a consumer went after hearing an ad. The ability to gauge the effectiveness of targeted creative is extended by the fact that the ad is always served to a captive audience.

Benefits of Programmatic Audio:

  • Unparalleled targeting capabilities with listener level targeting
  • Non-skippable
  • Unique to each listener
  • Tuned-in audiences
  • Strong ad recall
  • Avoid the bots
  • Precise ad delivery tracking and reporting
  • Lower cost barrier
  • Complements to other forms of advertising

Additional Digital Audio Capabilities

  • Attribution tracking
  • Sequential messaging
  • Weather targeting
  • Smart Speakers
  • Cross-channel retargeting with Display Ads

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