Digital Out-of-Home

Digital Out-of-Home & Out-of-Home media solutions

A combination of large format highway digital screens and interior placed-based opportunities.

What is dOOH/OOH? 

dOOH is Digital Out-of-Home and OOH is Out-of-Home, and as the names suggest they are advertising that is experienced outside of the home. Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising provides the ideal opportunity to connect with mass audiences on the move. Our portfolio of Out-of-Home properties fits a wide range of targeting and marketing objectives.

Whether you plan to target a broad demographic or a niche audience segment, we offer different contexts and environments to deliver your media planning objectives.

Benefits of OOH and Digital Out-of-Home (dOOH)

  • Elevate awareness and credibility of your brand
  • Cut through with large-format and unexpected touchpoints
  • Build sustained awareness over time with a mass audience
  • Combine with other media to increase brand relevancy
  • Reinforce brand messages at or close to point-of-purchase
  • Immune to ad blockers
  • Leverage unique creative opportunities
  • Programmatic OOH offers more accurate targeting of audience segments

Large Format Digital Programmatic OOH

Combine the power of dynamic display ads with the targeting capabilities normally associated with online advertising. With WMG’s Programmatic out-of-home you will be able to measure & optimize your campaign with ease!

INEO Solution Inc. Placed Based DOOH

Utilize INEO’s unique digital screens, capturing your target’s attention while making crucial purchasing decisions. Adding INEO screens to your DOOH campaign would deliver great results.

INEO’s digital screen, called the “Welcoming System” is a great way to reach and engage your target audience. Our screens are placed at the entrance of retail stores, they display digital ads, store messaging & in-store promotions. There are over 135 screens across Western Canada. INEO delivers over 21,000,000 ad impressions every month.

INEO’s Audience Profile:

    • 76% Male / 24% Female
    • Typical ages 25-64 years old (Makes up 77% of audience)
      • 12% are ages 19-24 and 11% are 65+ years old
    • Average household income is $85,000

INEO’s offerings also include…

Highly specific targeting capabilities, INEO can target based on:

    • Location
    • Federal electoral district
    • Household income
    • Languages
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Time of day
    • Weather
    • and many more…


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