Video advertising has evolved into one of the most valuable advertising mediums in recent years.

WMG can help you reach your audience, whether it’s through a Video or Connected TV/OTT campaign is up to you.

Programmatic Video Continues to Grow

Programmatic solves the problem of hyper-fragmented audiences. Combined with the power of digital video, many agencies and brands view programmatic as a key driver of investments in digital video. As previously unreachable audiences can now be targeted, located and reached with a display or video ad. With programmatic video, you can utilise the detailed analysis from campaign reports to optimize your campaign.

Programmatic digital video has grown exponentially in recent years. Programmatic video ad spend in the US has jumped from $26 billion (2019) to $52 billion (2021), more than doubling the total ad spend in only two years. Programmatic video is predicted to account for more than half of all US Programmatic display ad spend for the first time in 2022 (Emarketer, 2022).

connected tv

Growth of Connected TV

The growth of over-the-top streaming caused by the global pandemic has played a major role in the increase of programmatic video ad spend, specifically Connected TV. Connected TV is predicted to account for more than 20% of total programmatic video ad spend, as well as 10% of total programmatic display ad spend in 2022 (eMarketer, 2022).


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