During a conference call last week, someone asked if it would be possible to run their YouTube ads on television. Specifically she wanted to run an ad on 60 Minutes. Interesting question. Let’s look into that.

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A Q&A with Andrew Malcolm, General Manager of Western Media Group

But first — if you don’t mind me asking — why in the world would you want to run your YouTube ad on Television?

“Lots of reasons. Before I got here we used to do television. Then we tried YouTube. It was cheaper. Times were tough. But people don’t remember seeing the YouTube ads as much as they remember TV ads.

The thing now is that management is telling me that TV worked a lot better. So we may do both.

So, how do we buy TV ads?”

My next call was to Andrew Malcolm. Andrew is the General Manager of Western Media Group. Andrew has worked in television sales for 20 years. He knows more about television than anyone I know.

Here’s the transcript.

Q: Hey Andrew, I was in a meeting yesterday and a client asked me how to run a YouTube ad on TV. Ever heard of someone doing that before?

AM: Oh sure. I mean you don’t see it every day but people are doing it more often. Some of these YouTube ads actually look pretty good on television. The well produced ones. Actually they always look better on television than on YouTube. And sound better.

Q: She wants to run it during 60 Minutes. What would you recommend? I mean can she call you and say “I’ve got this video file can you run it on 60 minutes?”

AM: Pretty much. If she already has an ad that makes it a lot easier. We can take it from there.

Q: What do you mean, “take it from there”. What happens with her file? What do you do with it? Where does it go?

AM: Well, the first thing we do with finished creative is to review it. We have to make sure it’s the right length. So if you’re running a 30 second spot, it has to be 30 seconds. It can’t be 29 or 31. So that’s the first thing we check.

The next thing we need to check is for “bars and tone” and a “slate” at the beginning. I mean, it’s not totally necessary but if you’re running on 60 Minutes you want to make sure the spot sounds okay. you know? This is standard technical stuff. We have someone that adds those things for $199.

Q: Okay. So once all the technical stuff is cool she’s good to go?

AM: Almost. Then we send that spot to the Advertising Standards Council. If YouTube has previously approved the ad, it will probably be fine to air.

Q: How long does that take?

AM: Usually a couple of days. They email you an approval code. That’s your telecaster number. Once you have that you’re gold.

Q: Nice one. Anything else?

AM: That’s pretty much it. Then we buy the spot. or Spots. Often there are specials for new advertisers. We’ll tell the station that the spot is coming. And then forever your client shall be enshrined in 60 Minutes history.

Q: Cool.

AM: Ya, I guess. You know we have a lot of shows to choose from, right? Across numerous markets and national networks, you name it. There’s something for everyone. All audiences, markets and demos.

Q: Cord-cutters?

AM: Believe it or not they secretly love TV.


Ever considered running your YouTube ad on television? Call or e-mail Andrew Malcolm +1 (604) 736-6628